Counselling and Therapy

Trauma Workshops

1-day workshop

This workshop is meant to provide a solid grounding and a step into advanced clinical skills for trauma informed planning and all support work.

This workshop is designed for mental health professionals who work alongside those who provide psychotherapy or who provide the support and supervision of those impacted by trauma.

The intention of this program is to

  • An Introduction to trauma
  • How to support clients who exhibit ongoing behaviors or symptoms
  • What a trauma-informed treatment plan should include
  • Why your mental health is so important in a trauma-informed treatment environment


Multi-Day or ongoing training, coaching and workshops

These workshops include clinical skills and support worker training. This training is experiential and involves lectures and in-class practice of our learnings.

These workshops are best for those working in the field and who are ready to face personal issue challenges as they come up while working with others and within themselves.  There will be time to practice trauma-focused interventions, practices, and therapy with one another.

These workshops do have variations when needed, if the focus is on children, teens, or adults.

The intention of this program is to:

  • Understand how trauma impacts show up in “problem” behaviours and symptoms
  • Teach strategies to help people work through trauma symptoms, or not when appropriate
  • Create a treatment approach that everyone can work together to implement
  • Apply the principles of self care to themselves

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