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Depth Psychology, Somatic Parts and Epigenetics

In the beginning stages of our work together, much of our work will involve depth psychology, What this means is that the relationship between your conscious and your non-conscious mind will be explored through a process of discovering what is there. We will do this to help you process all that is uniquely yours and sometimes involves us un-covering memories, feelings, bodily sensations and emotions that we have been ignoring, denying and trying to forget.

One window to enter these realms is through somatic awareness by accessing and learning from our sensations and underlying emotions and what our body is telling us about ourselves and our history.

Sometimes this leads us to conscious parts and hidden parts of our personality, all serving a role in our past and present. Sometimes though, these parts are no longer helping like they did when originally designed and may be maladaptive and affecting us in unhelpful ways. We will discover these parts and forge new relationships with them. I use many of the modalities listed on my website to do that.

One last area that may be explored is epigenetics, how the impacts of our ancestor’s lives and traumatic journey may have influenced and altered our gene expression. So, due to the impacts of our environment and experiences, these genes from our family history may be expressing themselves and leading us to react and suffer with challenges rather than living at full capacity.

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