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Urban Shaminism

Traditional shamanism is the modern term for what all of our ancestors did at some point, use ancient traditional healing methods to bring deeper meaning, healing, and truth to our lives. These proven traditions exist today, and need our appreciation, respect, and support as they struggle against colonialism, corporatism, and new age attempts at incorporation. One can walk in a traditional path, when accepted and taught on an as needed basis by the knowledge keepers of that tradition.

Urban shamanism is a modern term to bring the genetic, traditional healing methods of our ancestors into today. This revival of spirit is a core addition for healing all aspects of ourselves: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

To follow the path of the shaman means to know that every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issue, has both the cause and the cure in the world of spirit, the spiritual essence.

Medicine then is there and is where we go when we need it.

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