Fees and Coverage

Please select your session price thoughtfully from the choices below.

Each session runs between 50-60 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon.

Tier 1

Intended for those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA, disabled, caretakers of others in our society, or those experiencing extreme hardship and could use a little support at this time. Sliding scale: $100-$130

Tier 2

This is the standard session rate. $150.00

Tier 3

This is my group therapy pricing, and is also intended for those in a place of abundance who feel called to pay it forward in support of our community members requiring lower tiered pricing or donation. Thank you for your generosity! $175.00

Donation: I work with 2 clients at any one time on donation. If you are part of an organization that refers clients in need or crisis, please reach out. If I cannot do it, I can refer as I am a member of several groups where therapists donate some time to help those in need/crisis.

Group Plan and Health Coverage for my services

If your Company Benefit Plan does cover therapy services, such as Sun Life, Blue Cross, Green Shield, Claim Secure and others, my suggestion is to first confirm that your insurance includes counselling services from the services of clinical counsellors or psychotherapists.

I strongly believe it is imperative to your mental health, that you have the option to choose the counsellor of your preference, rather than being limited to Registered Psychologists/Social Workers because you may have a benefit plants that contains wording limiting your choice of services to only Registered Psychologists/Social Workers.

If this is the case, I, along with my association, can reach out to your company to please consider having this changed to include Registered/Accredited/Licensed Counselling professionals.10