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Living Life with Authenticity and Purpose

As someone who has been focused on helping people awaken to living their life path, I am always curious when some of us, time and time again, shut ourselves off from new possibilities and new choices to create the life we genuinely want.

Over four decades of studies with people who were dying clearly show that the reasons we do not live our lives from purpose comes from our unconscious, step by step choices-and that when we are ready to leave this planet, only then do some of us realize that we did not take the responsibility so that we could take the power we always had to live the life we were meant to live.

The research is super clear: Choosing to not accept our path and not getting clear on the path to create a meaningful life journey…..really really sucks! As some people stated in the research: I felt as if I had not really lived.

This is why I created this program, to empower you to create the life that is authentically meant for you because if you do not do it, no one else will.

This is an online, weekly program, over 10 weeks. It is fun, enriching, life changing and empowering.

Living with Dying

Living with Dying means stepping into the truth. Firstly, that you have a terminal illness, a disease that will cause death often within 6 months to a few years. Secondly, that the rest of your life can be lived fully and completely, and be as rewarding, or more rewarding, than all of your life up to this point. 

When people are diagnosed with a terminal illness, they experience a range of emotions. One of the gifts that is often shared is the gift of time.  This time allows not only for all the range of feelings to be felt and accepted, but it also allows time for both practical and personal preparation as well as for healing work with family and friends.

As everyone involved is affected, support helps both the person diagnosed as well as all the people that will be involved in their support system as the diagnosis runs its course.

What is explored as we work together is simple:  

How do I spend the remaining time I have left?

This end-of-life counselling group is meant to help both the person who is ill as well as everyone else to have the safe place needed to work through all the aspects of dying. Some of the areas we will work through are emotions, communication of wishes, shared agreements, support networks, and finally, open and truthful conversations about what is important and what is not important for the time that is left.

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