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Cannabis Assisted Therapy

Cannabis assisted therapy, while not widely discussed in psychedelic circles nor in therapy overall, it does have a clinical and therapeutic background that can be found when researching academic articles as well as reading about trials and data from all the good work it is doing among our veterans and others suffering from PTSD and related symptoms.

One important thing to note is that while you may or may not be familiar with cannabis effects as a recreational calming enhancer, it acts differently in therapy. Instead, it becomes a catalyst that will move you deep into a therapeutic experience by helping you lift up what may have been too hard or challenging to do on your own.

How cannabis works is like most psychedelics, in that it accesses non ordinary states of consciousness and allows the non-conscious to emerge, specifically with emerging emotions, body states, and nervous system deregulation. Like all psychedelics, it does not work within you to reason your way through. Instead, it gives you access to get to the source of your symptoms in a way that can not readily be explained with rational thought. As such, it can be a friend to assist with trauma and all the associations that you carry with it so that repressed feelings and memories can surface. In this place, we can process and move forward in new ways, while beginning to work in tandem with your conscious mind and emotions.

Please note, I only practice this therapy with people who have experienced cannabis at least once beforehand, AND not everyday users. Also, this therapy has a longer session, 2.5 hours.

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