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Mental Health and Care Plans


Mental Health and Care plans are meant to help everyone involved in mental health have a shared guide and agreement. In other words, when intentions are clear and shared, healing can occur.

From there, all stakeholders in one’s care, whether it is just you in individual care, or different health providers and agencies involved in community care, care plans also make clear everyone’s roles, responsibilities and protocol that exists and will be followed.  As such, local, community, nation, or other local protocols are included as guidelines and/or agreements as required.

One critical factor that we help is by collaborating to do our best that the care plan gives important to what the individual or community states are the needs and mental health goals.

Sitting together to create this is what builds bonds between everyone, and is in itself, a therapy and healing step towards individual and community healing.

For us, only a cross sectoral approach, including the holistic and collective wisdom of everyone involved, can mental health and care plans be created from lived knowledge and professional expertise and backgrounds.

Our team comes from a variety of clinical and managerial backgrounds in mental health, children and family services, psychological assessments, traditional healing and modern psychotherapy,

What is most important in our approach is that we make sure everyone stays involved and has a copy of the mental health and care plan agreements. So often as you know, there are inconsistencies in care due to different offices, departments and others having different source documents and data. As a result, sometimes final assessments are created from two different sources of information entirely. We make sure that does not happen.

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