As an international coach, trainer and speaker, I have only one outcome in mind: Lead people to have fun, to see the possibilities and to let go.


To help you live the life you are meant to on this planet: love, career, relationships, and business.


“We are all passing through this place for a reason and it’s up to each of us to step boldly into what we know to be true. It’s the only way to live the life meant for us. ”

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Wallace C. Murray

Wallace C. Murray is a coach who increases your personal potential, having worked throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Mexico, for over 20 years guiding others to success. His well seasoned background in business, education, shamanic practices and tools, psychology, and designations as a Master Practitioner of NLP and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, guides him when helping others. Wallace has coached over 4000 people to boldly step into the life they are meant to live, and uses each day as a testament to help people to do this. Wallace’s principal residence is in Western Canada with locales in Florida and Hungary, with select travel for work and for continuing his journey into old world knowledge and shamanic learning.  His hobbies include hiking, biking, learning, and a love of food, wine and friendship that combines Old World wisdom with New Age priorities.

The most important part of what I do is to be an advocate and sounding board for you to be who you are meant to be on this planet. I have coached over 4000 people to live their purpose, coaching one-to-one, leading group work, and facilitating workshops and retreats in BC and abroad, guiding others to re-cover possibilities and paths to live life.

I work, live and create my destiny in my daily life, no matter whether I am in a business office, another country, or learning with my business, life or shamanic masters.
My challenge to you is to also choose the life you are meant to live and to embrace what you know inside yourself.


You can create much more of what you have been led to believe.
My goal is to help you create the life you are meant to live on this planet.

Over the past two decades, I’ve helped thousands of people develop two key things that have made all the difference in their levels of respect and appreciation for themselves and others: Love and Freedom.

I’ve worked with:

·  Entrepreneurs and business owners of every background, culture, profit range, and personality
·  Politicians and C-level executives
·  Colleges and universities across North America, Europe and Asia
·  Trainers, coaches, therapists and personal development
·  Artists of all professions
·  Shamans and knowledge keepers of all types

Every year, I work one-on-one with a limited number of owners and entrepreneurs, leaders and executives, out of the box organizations, life and thought changers, First Nations and indigeneous knowledge keepers, to help further my mission of helping you create the life you are meant to live on this planet.

My clients discover from the inside out that traits they love, freedom, respect and appreciation have always been inside themselves. What has been missing is how to tap into these feelings while at the same time, creating the life they are meant to live.

I combine intuition, psychology, old wisdom traditions, and direct knowledge and experience to help my clients fully create their lives.


Stop Sleeping….Your life is waiting

As a coach and advocate to people who are achieving new things every day, and as a specialist in
awakening you to living your life path, I am always curious to
see some of us, time and time again, shut ourselves off from new possibilities and the choices to
create the life we truly want.
Over four decades of studies revealed that why we do this come from our life choices-and that
when we are ready to leave this planet, only then do some of
us realize that we CHOSE to not live the life we were meant to live.
The research is super clear: Choosing to not accept ourselves and not getting clear on the path to
create a meaningful life journey…..really really sucks!
As some people stated in the research: I felt as if I hadn’t really lived.
So, I designed a coaching program to empower you to create the life you are meant to live!
This is an online, weekly program, over 10 weeks. It is fun, enriching, life changing and


Each year, we guide people to WAKE UP….and really create the
lives they are meant to live.

Now……..Just imagine living a life like that……………..And now realize that some of us are not
choosing to live this life.
Until we acknowledge the truth that we can live differently, only then can we truly live.
The retreats I facilitate and partner with, will take you down a bold path….to step into your life
I have retreats in Canada, USA, Mexico, Bali and Europe.



 (778) 885-4607

 (727) 935-6252

Wallace Murray

Global Coach and Urban Shaman

Full disclosure: My approach to coaching is not for everyone. What is consistent is that I am only interested in guiding you into your life by asking you the questions that need asking, by using the tools and techniques that will help you, and by moving you boldly into the life you are meant to live.


– you are determined to live the life you are meant to live on this planet, AND want to help others to do the same


– the best and easiest way to talk to me is by
-sending me an email at: wallace@wallacemurray.com
-contact me direct by phone 778-885-4607 or via social media

Real success is us all playing, sometimes separately and sometimes on the same team.
This is only done when each person lives the life they are meant to live on this planet.
When that happens, fun is the standard with lives of love and freedom.