My Therapy Work

Support Coaching, Training, Workshops and Education Support


Support Coaching

Part of my practice is to offer support coaching and counselling to specialists, owners and staff, for those who work in the field of mental health. This includes nurses, counsellors and therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, doctors, specialists, etc.  This also includes those in direct mental health support, such as Social Workers, in-house and residential support workers, caregivers, resource house managers, and other professionals who work directly and in the daily lives of those who have suffered from trauma and abuse.


We offer in-house training in all aspects of mental health, and I work with a variety of health professionals in all areas when doing so. Reach out to learn more.


I personally have presented and ran workshops for over 3000 people in my professional career, involving a wide variety of topics.  Please check out my website in its entirety to see more of possible topic areas. Also, just reach out, ask, and there is an exceptionally good chance we either have what you need, or we can easily create or co-create exactly what you need.

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