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Life Intentions

The Narrating and Authoring Program-Creating your LIFE INTENTIONS

Many of our clients, after recalling, healing, and then re-claiming both their awareness of their lives as well as their authentic selves, look toward a new future.

This is both exciting and new, and may be the first time, or a long-forgotten skill, about how to narrate the next chapter of one’s life.

Over the last decade, we have crafted a 6–12-week program that guides you to create a life document, that points the way forward from your life intentions and vision, all based on your VALUES. The steps are straightforward because we have an approach that helps you bring out what is true for you.

The first step in our process is to bring out your VALUES that are authentic for you. Our approach involves using the values that are semantically within you and using those meanings and truths. This underpins all the next steps which everything is then calibrated back to. The second step is developing orientation questions, that act as sounding boards whenever you need them when you feel that you or parts of you are off-track in your life. The third step is bringing out your VISION in 8 primary areas of life, for the next 10 years. The final step is solidifying and committing to paper your INTENTIONS for bringing your VISION to life. We use the next 3 years as the frame to do this.

What is important to know is that this document is organic and is meant to be looked upon and re-narrated each year. The author of this document is you, and because of that, it is an ACTIONABLE story that you live out as your life unfolds.

It is also important to know that the research is quite large and that clarifying your meaning and purposeful intentions does improve moods for the simple reason that when one’s life is intentional and authentic, it feels true and whole.


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