Wellness and Mental Health Consulting

In the past few years, wellness programs have expanded to include more complex training based on the overwhelming research showing that we communicate as much through our nervous systems as much as our “heads”. As such, all our symptoms and stressors can be helped by raising awareness about trauma, social connection, and how the mind/body system needs training and support beyond an informational wellness seminar.  We believe we can effect change with you, at both the individual and system level by raising awareness, and offering workshops, coaching, support and training based on the most modern-day understandings of this field.

We have designed, facilitated, and led in-person training and instructional programs throughout North America, including Mexico, as well as Japan, Indonesia, and a variety of countries in Europe. On-line, support is done no matter your place in the globe. We provide coaching and case consultations to support workers, beginning coaches and counsellors, as well as other mental health professionals, so as to implement and learn the most effective ways to help people recover.

Some of the questions below are meant as guides to help focus which areas of training we should deliver.

  • Are you a professional in mental health looking for more support in diverse communities that are multicultural?
  • Are you active in supporting mental health between Aboriginal communities and non-aboriginal communities?
  • Are you stressed and seeking guidance on how to help clients and communities dealing with the impacts of trauma?
  • Are you challenged with how to help your organization deal with anxiety, depression and increasing indicators of mental health challenges in the workplace?
  • Are you part of the mental health support system that treats and gives care to individuals that have PTSD, complex trauma, abuse, and other impacts and symptoms?
  • Are you part of an organization that helps others but is challenged to implement self-care and overall systemic care, so everyone can be as healthy as they can?
  • Being completely transparent, does your workplace wellness program talk about meeting specific needs while being cost-effective, but instead spends money on a program that does not strategically address anxiety, depression and other stressors in the workplace?
  • How can we design and implement workplace wellness and mental health around both the needs of our organization and our employees? 

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