Ace Score

The ACE Study and Its Significance The CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study revealed a strong connection between childhood trauma and long-term health and social issues. Published in 1998, the study found that experiences of abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction were common across various demographics. How Resilience Factors Can Mitigate the Negative Effects of a […]

Cultural Appropriation and Indigenous Traditions

Native American

The increasing controversy surrounding the adoption and misuse of Native American and other Indigenous cultures by Westerners seeking spirituality highlights a complex relationship. It is also a personal one that I have struggled to navigate. This involves cultural exchange, colonial exploitation, power dynamics, and a sincere quest for finding where and how we fit within […]

Emotional Triggers lead us to Gratitude


Emotional Triggers lead us to Gratitude Consider the emergence of an emotional trigger. This scenario might feel familiar, as if plucked from the pages of your cherished spiritual texts. You’ve likely sifted through your past experiences, seeking clues to unravel the origins of this recurring pattern. Despite your efforts to preemptively diffuse such situations, you […]

Compassion is a Teacher

Teaching Compassion

Compassion is a Teacher Compassion embodies an empathetic understanding without necessitating the absorption of another’s suffering. By embracing compassionate awareness of others’ pain, one gains insight into the underlying motivations behind various emotional responses, whether it’s lashing out, withdrawing, avoiding, or neglecting. It’s crucial to differentiate this compassionate empathy from enabling harmful behavior or overlooking […]

Caring is about Compassion

Caring is about Compassion Caring for oneself is distinct from self-improvement endeavors. When viewed through the lens of ego, there’s a misconception that undesirable emotions such as sadness, fear, grief, and anger must be eradicated before one can experience self-love. This notion often stems from childhood experiences, shifting from a mindset of altering oneself to […]

Nurturing Ourselves and Others

Nurturing Life

Nurturing Ourselves and Others Nurturing entails guiding someone so they can rediscover and empower themselves. It stands distinct from the inclination to undertake others’ inner journeys to seek personal fulfillment within deeper connections. Whether in familial bonds, romantic relationships, professional settings, or friendships, genuine nurturing arises when refraining from hastening others toward growth beyond their […]

Know the Difference Between Shame and Guilt

Know the Difference Between Shame and Guilt As humans, we experience a wide range of emotions, some of which can be very complex and difficult to control. Two such emotions are shame and guilt. Although similar at first glance, they have unique characteristics and functions. In this blog, we examine the difference between shame and […]


CHILD AND YOUTH REPORTSCHILD In our present-day justice system, Gladue Reports exist because Gladue rights must be considered in every criminal court in Canada, when someone who self-identifies as an Indigenous person may be sentenced. Written by a Gladue report writer, it exists because a full picture of the person before the court must be […]

Lawson study looking at how deep brain reorienting can treat PTSD

Psychedelic Bypassing: When Avoidance is Mistaken for Healing A new study from Lawson Health about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is looking at a more personalized approach to treating patients with the condition. The study, done in collaboration between Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, involves scientists looking at […]

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