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Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Integration

Ceremony can be an experience that will shift you towards living more authentically and with deep purpose. As well, we are brought through a process that can show us the heart of our vulnerability, ego and essence. This leaves many in a sensitive state, coupled with a lot to process. And left on our own, it can be daunting, confusing and sometimes very emotionally scary. I am here to tell you that everything that you have experienced can be integrated. Most importantly, all of it can be applied in new ways that will give you a power of self and essence that is truly liberating.

Frshminds Interview – Psychedelic Integration Therapist: Wallace Murray


Before deciding to do a ceremony or to work with psychedelics, it is important to explore if that is what is right for you right now, and then decide which plant medicine or psychedelic is right for you. I have worked with a number of people who came to me because they wanted to prepare for a plant medicine ceremony, and after a few sessions, decisions changed. For example, some people postponed doing a ceremony because our work was going deep into the heart of a few areas similar to plant medicine and they wanted to get clarity. Some people decided to prepare for their ceremonies and journey by doing the planning work as outlined below. While other clients decided that the plant they originally thought they would work with turned out to be another plant entirely. “With plant medicine, it’s not about diving in before assessment and planning. It’s about going slow to go fast, like in all relationships that heal.”   Wallace Murray


This is a critical phase because working with these medicines happens before you take them. In my experience, if one is truly prepared by having done the work to get clear both on their intentions and on their relationship with the medicine, then you will have tremendous potential to get the healing you need. And this is because by being prepared means that the medicine will form a relationship with you and will guide you to dis-cover what is deep inside you. This is the awareness needed that creates such changes after ceremonies. This is what many talk about; that plant medicine and psychedelics will do what traditional talk therapy cannot do. This is true, and it is not true because I have witnessed those do the medicine outside of the therapeutic set and setting that is so critical or do the medicine then spend no time integrating outside of ceremony. To not do the work or to not work with a skillful integration therapist means that the gifts that the medicine gives you will not be applied to one’s life. This is why I am so passionate about all of these phases, especially integration.


To step boldly into the integration work of plant medicine and psychedelics is to give back to the medicine the respect and appreciation it gave you when it awakened your emotional, spiritual, and psyche to enter into the world of light. Healing starts at ceremony, and this healing awareness is the gift you are given to continue. What you do with this awareness, how you integrate it, and what you choose to do with it next, will determine how you show up in your essence, your true self. Like all relationships, it is an ongoing process. As such, it is easy to slip back into the old habits and rut of our lives and happens to many after ceremonial work.  Integration is about ensuring this does not happen, and that all the wisdom given to you is brought fully into your life. It is the least we can do for plants that give us so much.